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Silver Sands Beach Resort
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Silver Sands Beach Resort
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Committed to an Incident and Injury Free Operation

At OCC Weavers we aspire to have a positive health impact on all those employed and affected by our business.

Our experienced and properly qualified Safety Team achieve exemplary safety records in our projects. International and local companies alike recognize that our dedication and application of HSE are of the highest standard. Our numerous Safety Awards from both domestic and multinational clients shows our commitment and success in the management and implementation of HSE at OCC Weavers.

Safety Statistics


Safe man-hours for
Al Marai Projects.


Safe man-hours for CCMC Project.


Safe man-hours for Sanofi Project.


Safe man-hours for Raytheon Projects.


Building A Better Future Together.

OCC Weavers thrives to have the highest contribution within the communities which we are part of. Seeking ways to help them grow and thrive. Our involvement with other business leaders helps us increase the social value generated by OCC Weavers through developing public recreation facilities and personnel training and education.

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