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Our Team and Affiliates

Industry Leading Skills
and Expertise

At OCC Weavers we know that the skills, knowledge and
dedication of our team is fundamental to our ongoing success.

Our Team and Affiliates

Industry Leading Skills and Expertise

The OCC Weavers Management Team have the highest level of expertise, a work ethic, and decades of industry knowledge in the Kingdom. While our vision for uncompromising quality and intelligent innovation drives our business ethos.

This foundation of talent at every level of our company is what enables OCC Weavers to develop award-winning projects that require a large range of in-house services and expertise.

Training and Development

Invest in ongoing training and development for our team. Encourage continuous learning and reward exceptional performance.

Diversity and Inclusion

Embrace diversity and create a safe, collaborative work environment. Promote participation in diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Industry Leadership

Commit to innovation and continuous improvement. Share expertise and build relationships through industry associations and events

Organized team

Building events and workshops to develop cooperative work environment

Commitment to Localization and Saudi Vision 2030

Committed to fulfilling the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, OCC Weavers Ltd participates in the kingdom's economic and social development. The company acknowledges the importance of engaging and nurturing local expertise to ensure sustainability, cost-effectiveness, timely project completion, and enhanced work quality.

Our team includes experienced local engineers, architects, and subcontractors who possess a thorough understanding of the regional regulations, culture, language, and supply chain.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Get to know our leadership and key team members.

Sami Atallah

Sami Atallah guides our team with exceptional leadership and a commitment to construction excellence.

Issam Jarjour

Issam Jarjour efficiently manages operations, ensuring seamless execution and quality in every project.

Wael Bakhshwein

Wael Bakhshwein, as HR Manager, fosters a positive work culture and drives employee development.

Maher Lutfi

Maher Lutfi excels in overseeing contracts and project control, ensuring precision and compliance.

Abdulhakim Buta

Abdulhakim Buta skillfully leads estimation and engineering, ensuring accuracy and innovation.

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